Friday, October 5, 2012

Thing #3 that I love about Cuyler

So my number three thing I love about my sweet husband is: 
Cuyler is an amazing singer
So to be honest this is one of those talents I always wanted my husband to have. However, I tried not to want it too bad because I didn't want to be disappointed if my husband didn't sing. Well lucky me. I love Cuyler's voice. Really, it makes me melt. I have always loved listening to him sing. Although he may not believe it, I love that he sings at the top of his lungs when walking down the street or when we're out shopping or anywhere else in random public places. I'll admit that I was a little embarrassed by this at first, but it's only because I'm not a huge fan of having attention like that drawn to myself. But truly, I do love it. I love that he harmonizes with me when we sing to the radio, when we sing hymns for family home evening, or even when we sing lullabies to Lyla (talk about a lucky baby!). There have been a number of times where people sitting near us at church will come up after the meeting and tell Cuyler what a beautiful voice he has. Cuyler surprised me and sang to me (while playing the guitar) at our wedding reception. That was the sweetest, most romantic thing. I could listen to Cuyler sing all day. I just love it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thing #2 that I love about Cuyler

I love Cuyler. And as I said before, I love him for MANY reasons. So thing number two that I love about Cuyler is: He is an awesome dad

I love, love, love watching Cuyler be a dad. He is so sweet with Lyla and has been since before she was even born. When I was pregnant he would talk to my belly and say sweet things to our little Lyla. He would sing to her and play his guitar (he still does this, which she loves). He would rub my belly and get so excited when she would kick back. Now that she is here, there's not a day that goes by that I don't see him being sweet with her and making her smile.  He loves to play with her and make her laugh. He encourages her to learn new things and is so proud of her when she succeeds. He even changes diapers! ;) It is apparent that Lyla thinks her dad is pretty awesome as well. She usually wakes up before him in the mornings, and as soon as she catches a glimpse of him, she is climbing all over me trying to get to him. She gets so excited when he finally wakes up, and climbs all over him, jabbering and smiling. When she's upset, he sings to her and it calms her down. Her eyes light up anytime he walks into the room. It is clear that this little girl loves her daddy. And she obviously has him wrapped around her teeny little finger. Cuyler is an amazing father and I LOVE that about him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thing #1 that I love about Cuyler

I love Cuyler. There are lots and lots of reasons why I love this man. I'm going to tell you thing number one why I love him, but that doesn't mean it's the number one thing I love about him. Well it is definitely up there, but that would be too hard to choose just one number one. It just means there are more things to follow. So... (drum roll please)... thing number one that I love about Cuyler is: Cuyler makes me laugh

Ever since those days 5 years ago in the MTC I have loved Cuyler's sense of humor. He is a really funny guy. Also, he is silly. He knows how to make me giggle over the silliest things. Another thing (post mission of course), he is a pretty good tickle fighter. Although for the record, I have won a fair number of tickle fights in our marriage. He has a way of making me laugh that no one else can . And I LOVE that about him.